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Refurbish the kitchen or bathroom and revalue your home!

If you are thinking in selling or renting your house, take into account that invest in renovate your kitchen or bathroom is a fantastic idea thus you will revaluate your home. Rehabilitate those spaces to improve your comfort in your own home is always a good decision.

Kitchen refurbishments

The kitchens are reinvented

Kitchen is the soul of the house, it's the place where functionality and style go together to make us feel unique experiences. Accordingly, a trends that has come to stay is opening the kitchen to the living room and giving importance as a social area by promoting the life in company of friends and family. To this concept of opening space a highly used element is an island worktop that "separes" spaces. Choosing a quality worktop with warranty will be primary not only for keeping it as the first day, but also to save in maintenance. The Silestone worktops properties are, excellent. Made of a mix of quartz and resin, they offer a durable, non porous and hygienic surfaces with a wide range of colours in three finishes (polished, suede and volcano).

Bathroom refurbishments

The modern bathrooms look to enhance the functionality and order, by creating a space that invite you to relax. For that reason, one of the most demanded refurbishments consist of changed the bathtub for a shower tray that is suitable for our rhythm of life. Furthermore, with this space redesign we will gain in accessibility, save water and also space. Choose and anti-slip surface to avoid accidents such as Silestone that incorpore strips with soft sandblasting.

To sum up, a good result in refurbishments attracts buyers and tenants. If you think in renew your kitchen or bathroom, trust in Silestone properties.

Castle Cabinets are proud to be an Elite showroom for Silestone worktops, call in to see the full range of Silestone colour options and get expert advise for your renovation project.

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